LaptopFix Express Website
The LaptopFix Express website is a new website created for a computer repair company in the North East of England.

The website has been built to provide as much of the essential information as possible, without the user having to browse to other pages.

It has clearly marked areas of content to provide the information as clearly as possible, as well as ways to contact the company on every page.
Administration Area:
The administration area allows the website owners to keep track of customers and jobs with a user friendly job booking system.

They can add, edit, and delete customers and jobs, as well as print out automatically generated job forms. All data is searchable and available for future referencing.

The entire system has been designed to allow the business to function at the greatest possible efficiency, with the least amount of paperwork for the engineers.
Content & Job Management System (CMS)

Project Screenshots
Screenshot A
Screenshot B